Sunday 23rd September

I've been busy what with sorting out posts for the Universe blog, and doing the latest mosaic, which by the way is nearly finished, one last clean up to do and then it goes back in the lounge. But I've still been doing other bits of photography.  I love my macro lens, the fuji 80mm... Continue Reading →


WIP Wednesday 2

WIP 1  I've cracked on quite well with this one, and luckily the tiles I'd been waiting for arrived last Thursday, so I started with those. On Friday I managed to spend the whole day in the shed so got a fair bit done. I'd already cut the green tiles into triangles, and the gold... Continue Reading →

WIP Wednesday

I've decided to do a weekly update on my latest mosaic project.  I'm hoping this one is going to be a bit less of a struggle than the last one, and am posting my weekly progress, thereby encouraging me to crack on with it so I have something to show, and not dick about dragging... Continue Reading →

The 50 Picture Project

Sophie and I had a day out back at Cheeseburn Grange yesterday, as they have a new exhibition on.  The big shiney things are still there though so i took the mirror along to have a play.           That last one is me taking the picture you're looking at- does my... Continue Reading →

The 50 picture Project

Had a lovely late afternoon with the grandkids down at the beach in South Shields, took the mirror along for the project.   I got lucky with that last one as the waves magically aligned in the mirror.  

The 50 picture project

What's this all about then? Answer HERE   Haven't had the mirror out for a while (I keep forgetting 🙂 🙄 ) but was babysitting the grandkids today so had them be part of the project.

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