Film Friday

Still the same Fuji roll of film in the Riva AF35ex, these are all from a day out in the Toon with Phil         as always the pictures are clickable for an embiggened experience 😀   SaveSave


Down Memory Lane.

Phil and I are away this weekend, visiting old haunts, family and friends down south. Looking forward to seeing my son Ben and grandson Lewis on Saturday for a day out, and my good friend Helen who we're staying with on Sunday. Also seeing my old boss at St.Albans City Hospital Operating Theatres playing in [...]

Film Friday

It's been a long while since Film Friday made an appearance, but it's back to being a regular thing now.  My Rollei has been at the menders for some time now, and finally they gave up trying to find the part necessary to fix it, and by passed the problem.  What had happened was the [...]