Friday Film Shots.

Ugh I am struggling with the Lightroom-smugmug interface today, so have taken a break to shoot some polaroids, just around the house, back to the struggle after :/.

My herby garden is coming along nicely, I nearly killed the coriander but rescued it just in time,

Job-Pro 600 Impossible gen 2 colour film

My mums plant is firing up some very red shoots, another back from the dead plant πŸ™‚

Job-Pro 600 Impossible gen 2 colour film

and I replaced the chrysanthemums from the other week with some gorgeous pink lily’s, must shoot them in colour πŸ™‚

SX-70 impossible 2 gen B&W film

and finally, now for some ‘proper’ Friday film shots to come. I really like shooting film, and I’ve been dicking about with a holga and the lubitel, but the lubitel is not flexible enough for me, it only goes up to 1/500 shutter speed and the focusing screen is dire, especially for someone who needs varyfocals. So here is a proper jobby.

Rolleiflex SL66 taken with polaroid SX-70, impossible 2 gen B&W film.

I’ve already started practicing, and am using a light meter to (hopefully) get the settings right, but it’s going to be a steep learning curve. Β The history of the camera is quite fascinating and I’ll probably do a Fraggle Report about it at some point over on Across The UniverseΒ . Β Anyways, back to the struggle..


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  1. beetleypete says:

    That Rolleiflex is lush! Looking forward to reading the story of it, and how you came by it.
    (I did wonder about that Lubitel…)
    Best wishes, Pete.

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    1. I’m wondering if the pictures I’ve taken will be OK! 😊 cheers Pete.

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      1. beetleypete says:

        Tripod? Those big boys need support. πŸ™‚

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      2. Yes I will be employing my trusty tripod 😊

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  2. Nice job on the coriander save! I am looking forward to figuring out what Mother Nature killed off this winter over the next few weeks (she finishes the job I start most of the time).

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    1. Fingers xt there’s a plant or two left for you πŸ™‚ cheers Sarah.


  3. brittgrimm says:

    Beautiful shots all around, but that Rolleiflex…! I am drooling!!!

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    1. It is lovely, can’t wait to get a roll developed!


  4. Francis.R. says:

    Lovely compositions, fragglerocking, they seem to be made with time and care. The photos I see on Flickr with the Rolleiflex are astounding, I know in your hands it will shine and sing. : )

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    1. Hope so Francis, when I’ve got the hang of it!

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  5. Jay says:

    I love a camera with some history!

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