Across the pond 2017

Back at the end of 2016 my friend from across the pond in Rochester NY, Kathy, and I, decided to do a collaboration throughout 2017, where once a month we would take a square iPhone shot each on a given theme, and I would put the shots into a diptych and post them on this blog. We took it in turns to choose a theme, and now at the end of 2017 beginning of 2018 our collaboration has come to an end. It was great fun as neither of us knew what the other one planned.  Kathys blog is at however Kathy hasn’t blogged for a while as she’s been through a lot of family health issues and upheavals this year.  She still managed a shot each month though in spite of it all, and the good news is that things are getting better so hopefully she’ll be back on the blog this new year!

Here is our collaboration in full, with our final shots to see out the old year.

January ~ Water
February ~ Graffiti
March~New Growth
April ~ Music
May ~ Food
June ~ Festival or event
July ~ People in B&W

August~ use the plotograph app to make stills with moving parts.

September ~ the lego girls





October ~ bottles
November ~ animals in the wild, (kind of)

Our last theme for December was something American, something British. Kathy did the Ginny brew house Christmas tree, which is made from kegs of beer and is 26 ft. tall. I did the Tyne Bridge.

Hope you all enjoyed following along as much as we did doing it!


19 thoughts on “Across the pond 2017

  1. I enjoyed following your blog this there!

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  2. Reblogged this on KmSalvatore and commented:
    My good Friend from across the pond, …. fragglesotherplace… and I did a year long collaboration , once a moth we’d pick a topic and use our iPhones for a photo…
    Here’s what we came up with, it was a lot of fun

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  3. Fraggy this is very kool. I enjoyed it very much

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  4. I enjoyed those every month too.
    I hope Kathy’s world gets back to normal soon, and everything works out OK for her.
    Best wishes, Pete.

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    1. Cheers Pete, she’ll be back! 😊

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  5. Fantastic photographs. Loved the contrast between them: so similar, yet so different at the same time. Awesome ! 😀

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  6. What a lot of fun you’ve had over the last year.

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  7. I really enjoyed these posts throughout the year. And thanks for the update on Kathy – I am glad to hear things are looking up for her.

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  8. What a great year!

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  9. I love these posts Fraggle across the huge pond!!!😄 I love Frego and all her homies, near and far!💙💚💜💛

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