Sometimes Sunday

feels like Spring…


12 thoughts on “Sometimes Sunday

  1. Just back from a dog walk in warm sunshine. If not for the mud, I could have got away with wearing shorts. (They are on, now I’m back…) Hard to imagine that next weekend is forecast for freezing temperatures and the chance of snow again. 😦
    Best wishes, Pete.

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    1. Eventually we’ll leave the cold behind, might not be til May at this rate!

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  2. Sigh…. One day we’ll have that here! It was ok later in the day, but the morning was still -11 with the windchill yesterday.. I’ll look at your beautiful pictures and dream though!!

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    1. Beautiful sunny day here, but chilly, and apparently the snow is back this coming weekend, so this is a fake Spring!

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      1. Blah! No more fake spring! I want REAL!! … Although, that usually just means a lot of crazy winds and rain…

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      2. Oh, I ALWAYS blame the government!! Lol!

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  3. Flowers! We will see them one day…I hope.

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  4. Aren’t those the best? Here’s hoping for an encore this weekend!

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    1. Poor forecast here. but living in hope!


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