Down Memory Lane.

Phil and I are away this weekend, visiting old haunts, family and friends down south.

Looking forward to seeing my son Ben and grandson Lewis on Saturday for a day out, and my good friend Helen who we’re staying with on Sunday. Also seeing my old boss at St.Albans City Hospital Operating Theatres playing in his band at a pub tomorrow night. I’ve got my Fuji, my iphone and my film cameras with me. Looking even more forward to making memories of our memories.



13 thoughts on “Down Memory Lane.

  1. St Albans is a nice place, one of the better spots surrounding London.
    Have a great time, you two!
    Best wishes, Pete.

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  2. Have a blast!

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  3. Sounds like a great weekend – have a good time, and get some great shots!

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  4. Have a great time, looking forward to the pics and review of your time there 🙂

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  5. Enjoy St Albans! I spent some time there a few years ago! It’s a great town. I’m sure you’ll have some great photos to share.

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    1. Home now, it hasn’t changed much at all since I worked there 12 yrs ago.


  6. Let me know if you saw any of my memories while you were there!

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    1. It would be cool to see other people’s memories, they should make a movie like that!


  7. Making memories of memories… that’s a beautiful thought, Fraggle. I hope you had a wonderful time.
    I love the place with the little “cabana” nooks for eating. That’s such a charming image. Hugs!

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