The 50 Picture Project

I’m still doing my Mirror project, and had a fettle on in the garden.  All the flowers are gone now, except this yellow one which came late to the party.  

The Last Hurrah

We have a frequent visitor to the garden since the mice moved in under the shed. We call him Mr.Fluffy. So far, he hasn’t caught one. A bit of a poor show really. 😀

You’re looking the wrong way!!

Autumn has definitely arrived here, at least in my garden, I’d much appreciate the weather god giving me a nice day to go find some coloured trees. 

Autumn & Raindrops.

This isn’t a mirror shot, but here’s Mr.Fluffy in large.

If I ignore her she’ll go away..

14 thoughts on “The 50 Picture Project

  1. I really love this mirror series. So inventive, and the shots do stand out so well.
    (No Autumn colours here yet. Still green everywhere.)
    Best wishes, pete.

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    1. You’ve had a longer summer than us. Lots of reds, yellows and golds on trees up here. And rain of course, mustn’t forget the rain :/

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      1. Rain forecast for tomorrow, and it’s getting dark really early too.

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      2. Urk, supposedly nice here tomorrow, your turn for the wet stuff.

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  2. I always love seeing these posts. The pictures are always incredible, and really look amazing. As always I loved the captions, especially those about mr Fluffy 😂😂

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  3. Love these photos Fraggle. In that last one of Mr. Fluffy I think he might be saying “Do NOT judge me!”

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  4. I love the leaves in the rain, I’ve given up trying to work out how you set these shots up.

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  5. Mr. Fluffy is quite charming. I like to see very much what you do with the square mirror, dear fragglerocking. Always it is a surprise to see what is beyond ^_^ And also you have ninja skills to don’t appear on them, I know it is the angle but sometimes it seems it would be unavoidable to catch your reflection!

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  6. Just as well Mr. Fluffy’s name isn’t Mr. Friendly. He doesn’t look like he’d respond well to a cuddle!

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